Lupus Symptoms


Prevention is better than cure, that’s a term that seems ordinary but very meaningful and we should always pay attention all the time, because health is an invaluable treasure for us. From an early age should we plant health care business, so that later when the teenager and growing up until later in life will always maintained a healthy and fit body. Recognize an illness, be one way for us to prevent contracting the disease. One type of disease we need to know is lupus. Lupus is a disease that attacks the immune system, similar to AIDS, but in people with lupus in the form of an excessive immune, or the so-called autoimmune.

Lupus symptoms arise due to abnormalities in immune function. Immune or antibody which should serve to attack the source of the disease enters the body, instead turns against healthy tissue, and organs such as skin, folds, kidney, brain, heart, lungs, and blood. Common symptoms as the onset of lupus include: mouth sores, high fatigue, fever, skin rashes occurred when exposed to sunlight, hair loss, arthritis or pain, and then in time they will strike at the heart, blood cells, kidney and nervous system. For more information about Lupus, please visit the website address at

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