Information Technology Course


iteventInformation technology is a field that is closely in touch with everyday human life. Therefore its application in the context of solving problems often is comprehensive, involving various technological aspects. Even in the real world, the application of information technology often come into contact with aspects of non-technological, social, psychological, or organizational. This situation requires that information technology professionals to have a solid knowledge and comprehensive insight. This capability can only be acquired through education and information technology course which provide knowledge about the conceptual foundations of a strong and well as the ability to think in an integral.

To develop the skills needed in the IT field persistence in learning to master the material relating to IT. This learning process is not just simply by reading books from the school or the dictates of our courses in IT, but also diligently follow the training and IT events. With the training in IT events, we can immediately practice the theory of knowledge of IT that we read in the book directly with the assistance of IT experts. Various studies of IT topics that are often held in the events is the Data Centre Management, Cloud Computing, IT Training and Strategy, Oracle Database Security, Mastering the Requirements Process, SAP Technology Information, Software, and others. For more information please visit

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