Impact of mass media on society


Advances in information technology, the impact on progress in the field of mass media, both types of information conveyed, and the progress made within the scope of the wider dissemination of information is also faster. Convenience in terms of tools and media access to the information provided is also directly proportional, and continues to grow worldwide. That is the advancement of technology and information that the more we are proud as modern humans. Then, behind all of it will pop up a question “”Does Mass Media Have a Negative Impact on Society?” It is not unusual to hear, and is common to all of us would answer, “There must be a negative impact of mass media on society”.

The negative impact of mass media is the responsibility of all parties, especially the government, the chief editor, the educators at schools, community leaders, agencies, and parents as the primary supervisor for the children. Not only appeared on the internet and television media, but in magazines and even video games to children’s toys, all are examples of negative and positive human values??. So as good as possible and with our own policy to give direction to young people and children, in sorting through which the positive and negative values ??of the information being viewed and obtained from the mass media.

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