How to Set iCloud


apple-iphoneDevelopment of computer technology continues to progress from time to time, which includes technological developments in the field of software and hardware, as well as variations and combinations of both. With the development of computer technology, which is a response to demands from consumers will demand faster technology, light and sophisticated. In addition, it is also the consequence that the advances in computer technology will create the conditions for efficiency and effectiveness of the work and all things associated with it. And is also a consequence, are the developer and manufacturer of computer technology – both hardware and software – should create environmentally friendly computing technologies. As one form of embodiment of such computer technology, and increasingly these days is cloud computing. Cloud Computing is a paradigm in which information is permanently stored in servers on the Internet and temporarily stored on the user’s computer (client) included in it is a desktop, laptop, tablet PCs, sensors, monitors and others.

Cloud computing is a concept that includes SaaS, Web 2.0, and other recent technology trends are well known, the common theme is reliance on the Internet to provide the computing needs of users. Cloud Computing is currently the latest technology trends, and examples of the development of Cloud Computing technology is iCLOUD.  iCloud is the development of cloud computing services has been provided previously by Apple, the iTools in 2000. Mac in 2002 and MobileMe in 2008. As a complement of pre-existing technology, then iCloud has a variety of features and facilities that will further spoil for lovers of computer technology, especially for fans of Apple. These features are available in iCloud services, among others, include: Applications, Books and Back up, iTunes in iCloud, file photo, Contacts, Calendar and Email, and so forth. iCloud is a service provided free of charge to users of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that uses the IOS operating system 5 and also to Mac users who use the Mac OS X Lion Apple with a valid account. For more information on how to set iCloud on the iPhone, please go to

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