How to Eliminate Sleepy


Excessive sleepiness or hypersomnia in humans usually occurs because injurious sleeping patterns or fatigue.
Bad sleep habits happen to people who often sleep too late, so they sleep only a few hours a day.
While excessive fatigue can happen because you are too old to work or you are doing exercise at night.

How to eliminate sleepy?

1. Bathing
Bath will refresh your entire body, as bath believed to reduce half of the fatigue. The simple way is that you immediately wash your face with cold water when you feel sleepy.

2. A Cup of Coffee
Caffeine in coffee is a great substance to stimulates the brain quickly. Drinking coffee is the most popular way that people often do while staying up to accompany them. Besides coffee, the modalert is the effective pill that believed to destroy excessive sleepy.

3. Relaxation
The poor blood flow will inhibit the oxygen circulation to your body. Meditation and regular exercise is a natural way to help you always fit every day.

4. Room lighting
If you plan to work hard to midnight, change the room lights are much brighter.

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