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Pour ideas or personal experiences in a book or article are proud, because when we read it again will be a story or memory that is momentum, and it may not happen again. Moreover if the experience or the article to be read by others, it will become a reference and a positive inspiration for them. Share with others does not have tangible material and money, but to share experiences, ideas, knowledge and positive motivation is equally worth. From this it means the easiest to do is pour the ideas, inspiration and experience into an article on the blog and website. Currently the blog has become one of the means of self-actualization of the most popular. With all the ease-owned blog, we are free to publish a variety of experiences and personal thoughts. Quite a few clicks, then the article belongs to us is ready to be read by many people.

With good grammar and correct, and the disclosure of an interesting article and easy to digest, it will make readers feel pleased with the articles that we make. This will have a positive impact as more readers who will return to our blog, and also will make the search engines prefer to crawl the original content belongs to us, so many visitors that come to our blog. With more and more blogs popping up, so the more articles are found that are similar or even identical in some blog, it is most apt to occur because of plagiarism and duplicate content. If duplicate content is still included the original source, may not be so detrimental to the original content owners, but if it does not list the original source is included in the act of plagiarism. For those of you who want to know how the condition of originality articles and grammar articles on a blog, then you can check it through a grammar checker site, located at

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