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Development of science and technology more useful for human survival, both in terms of speed of communication, transportation, labor mobility, accuracy count, job analysis, and effectiveness in all aspects and activities of human beings every day. One manifestation of the development of modern science and technology is satellite. So great benefits of satellites to human life, one of which is in terms of communication. Distance relationship in the beginning was not easy, especially if the landscape is very heavy, it will add more trouble for us. Normally, from one place to another, can only be connected when the places are in the way, and we can reach by road, and we have to know the exact address. The presence of the satellite is very helpful for us to shorten the distance to be very close, with communication through technology such as radio, television, and telephone. And that is being increasingly sophisticated is the advancement of internet technology, where we can easily explore the world with just a few clicks, using Google Maps application. Google Maps increasingly experience a variety of software development and applications, making it appear the application Google Earth and Google Sky.

With Google Earth, we can easily and quickly and detailed to find a location on the map, and we want to know. It can be easily done because of the satellite facility that is sent through a set of tools to work with satellite maps, which include the Google Maps application and various variations. Variations of the Google Maps application that we can meet today, including Google Earth, Google satellite maps, satellite double live maps, and so on. These applications, can also be run through a laptop or Smartphone, it also allows us to use both online and offline. For more information about Google Satellite Maps, please go to the website located at

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