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gaming-mouseThere are many gaming mouse on the market today for both beginners and veteran PC gamers. Among them, many do not know any thing about choosing the right gaming mouse and a decent gaming mouse is simply not the best buy most of the time, and some of them very happy to think that the higher price equals better quality. A gaming mouse should show the characteristics that coincide with the type of game plan the player to play.

The main factors you should consider before taking gaming mouse
We think the dpi, the balance. Dpi (dots per inch) is a measure of screen resolution. In other words, the number of individual dots or pixels that can be generated in a space of an inch from line 1. Dpi is crucial for a gaming mouse Apparently a 2000dpi gaming mouse to read more points on the optical surface with a lower resolution. Most gaming mice can be adjusted from 600-2200dpi based on the idea of? FPS shooter, since you are using a sniper in the game on the scope of capture, the more points you can read more needs to be stopped their opponents. This mouse is suitable also used to work on graphics software, or other 3D applications.

The weight is also important for a gaming mouse is obtained by adding and adjusting the weight. Some manufacturers such as Razer, Cyborg, Logitech, Microsoft provides a customized system for extra weight you have, and that fits your desires. If a gaming mouse is too light, not only felt cheap, not too smooth compared to an average measure. Once done, you have balance, which means that when you combine it easier to get great accuracy and speed. I’m sure nobody wants a slow mouse game that takes a long time to respond. So you know the main keys to the purchase of your mouse, the best speed depending on the weight and balance of dots per inch. Various types and brands of gaming mouse is Razer, Steel Series, Roccat, Microsoft, A4Tech, Logitech, Gigabyte, Saitek and more. For more information visit 

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