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Limitations of space and time in the classroom learning may be one of the dominant factors for teachers to develop a web-based learning, in the form of a blog or website. Of course this can be realized if teachers have the ability to create and manage a blog or website, and have a webhosting that support for the students. If we as learners or as individuals who want to make a website with free hosting, then it can be easily and maximum we realize. Do not panic first, create and maintain a blog or a website is no longer a complicated, especially in the virtual world is all there is a need for it dah solution.

Tips or the best solution to create a blog or website for free is to use the services of UCOZ. In UCOZ we can obtain Free Web Hosting and Content Management System, easily and naturally powerful, especially for beginners who are want to learn to create blogs and websites using CMS. Free web hosting and CMS (Content Management System) provided UCOZ of service with the ease of building a blog or web site. For example; Joomla, PHPNuke, PostNuke, AuraCMS, WordPress and other CMS. However, of all the CMS, there is one thing that makes trouble that is where we still need to have hosting as file storage media of blogs that we wake up. By becoming a member of UCOZ, two CMS webhosting package and we can get it for free. How to start a website with the services of UCOZ, please read more at the site located at

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