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Progress of an era is always marked by the rapid advancement of technology, be it new technology or technological results from the previous technology development. Forms of technological progress could be the creation of tools or sophisticated new devices, applications and software as well as form new ones. With the advancement of this technology is a positive impact for humans because it will help activities and daily necessities with faster, practical, and more effective. Special advances in internet technology, we can see with the rise of sites based html, javascript, ajax, PHP, flash, perl, asp, CMS, and so on. Some examples of these sites are social networking sites, online stores, forums, hosting, chat, online video, online games, virtual sites, and so on. While the online application which is also frequently used and continues to evolve its technology is a chat application, like Skype, Y! M, Nimbuzz, and so on.

The development of the Skype application is not just to chat, sharing photos, but also to make phone and video calls. With this facility, the more comfortable course of communication that we build using Skype. But it was still none the less, if our telephone communications or conversations with Skype is not recorded. But we do not need to worry, because now there is software to record conversations via Skype called skype recorder. Software Skype recorder is made of Extralabs Software. With a variety of interesting features and easy to use, then we need to try and prove their reliability. Please download the free Skype recorder with visiting the site located at

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