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Advancement of technologies in time is arguably developed rapidly as it has influenced many people, from the young to the old, from children to adults. Moreover, the current phenomenon of the online games is mostly played by children. Children should spend more time to study at home and play with my friends, but it turns out now more time children spent in internet cafes to play, or facing a computer to play on the computer. Currently children who love to read it is very minimal compared to the internet to play, it proves that the technology can be said to have damaged the world of children. So that the adverse effects of the internet are not always spoil the children, and then the role of parents is needed here. Role of parents in keeping their children use the computer and protects bad effects of internet access, is a great responsibility.

Parents can do the directing, mentoring, and scheduling of children in computer and internet access. And also that no less important is to install software on the computer controller. Software is highly recommended to keep the kids from the negative impact of crime and internet access, known as Parental Control Software. This parental control software we can easily download and use for free or paid, according to the features offered. Although free, but the features and functions provided by free parental control safe enough to protect children and adolescents from the bad effects of internet access. One of the famous parental control software and good for us plug in a computer, is Spyrix Free Parental Control. What are the features of Spyrix, and how to use it, please you can read in full on the site located in

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