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Customer service is an activity undertaken by any business / business in order to meet the needs of customers or users of products and services. The level of the tight competition among businesses has provided the impetus in making innovations in improving the service. The development of internet technology is increasingly popular in the community and has been widely used in business transactions, leading to the need to apply a new method of providing services to customers. Customer Service requires the provision of hardware and software technologies. Online Application Customer Service or free live chat support provide a variety of benefits, including: a lower cost of handling customers, increase efficiency because it has provided full information and FAQs, availability of automated email that will answer emails from customers, there is a recording of the conversation that occurred, appropriate time, fast, dynamic, and so on.

One application of live chat support very precise and flexible for use in serving customers is ActiveTalk. Whatever the business you are doing, then use ActiveTalk as a means for service online and communicate actively and dynamically with members or customers. Some of the advantages gained by using an ActiveTalk application, among others, simple installation and configuration, real-time customer connections, authentication via quick visitor-initiated social networks operator live support capability, internet-based advertising tracking, visitor history storage, pre-set responses and commands, visitor-rated operator performance and efficiency monitoring, and others. For more information about ActiveTalk and to download this free live chat support software, please go to the website located at

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