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keyloggerWhat the heck can not do with computers? From start to type, make pictures, play movies, play games and so on can easily be done with computers. For advanced tools that continue to evolve the technology and speed, so it is also accompanied by the development of the software. It makes computer proficiency level becomes a personal assistant who is always ready to help us to complete the task and our work.

With download keylogger software and then installed into the computer, the more sophisticated computer functions as our personal assistant. Since the keylogger is software that can record all activities performed on the computer. All that we type on the computer, it will be recorded by the keylogger. Starting from just pressing buttons 0-9, A-Z, keyboard combinations like Ctrl + C, Shift + D, and so on, all traces of keystrokes that will be recorded by a keylogger to record it in a text file. Keylogger workings are hidden, it will appear in the systray if we do certain keyboard combinations or shortcuts. Once we press the keyboard combination, then the keylogger icon will appear in the systray. To better understand the workings of keylogger software in a complete and detailed, then download the free keylogger software, please visit

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