Free Keylogger


What is a keylogger? It’s actually kind of keylogger software is used to monitor the activities of a computer keyboard, each key press by the user; all records will be saved with a keylogger. Make their parents usually monitor children who are browsing with how to install a keylogger on the computer, so all the sites in the “search” by the child will be recorded by the keylogger, so all that porn sites can be directly caught by the parents. So keylogger very helpful to parents in monitoring the activities of children on the internet.

How to use a keylogger on the computer quite easily, which is free download keylogger software and install it on the computer, and just enable it. So stay installed on the computer and the computer use will be recorded all activities including the activities include “username and password” on a particular site. It could be this is done by the owners of the cafe were fraudulent and irresponsible, or could have been done by the previous user’s computer by turning off the antivirus function first and then install a keylogger. All applications can be used as a computer user, so it will be a positive or negative depends on the wearer. To download a free keylogger software please visit the website located at

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