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The written language is a language characteristic of scientific work. Historically the development of written language related to the development of science. At first, the scientific work is expressed in writing. Although scientific activities can be done orally, up to now a scientific language is realized by the written language. Thus the scientific work should follow the grammar. Language differences also vary based on the type of science. Form language in a social context and the structure of language is determined by the function of language in human life. In other words, grammar depending on the purpose or function of language use. This means that the grammar used in the sciences, will be different from the grammar used in other sciences. Thus, any article you write it well in order to coursework, office papers, as well as freelance articles in the media, it must comply good grammar and correct. Grammar will be very important in order to convey the content of an article to the readers, and it will be a reading of quality, as well as a medium for learning (in terms of writing and grammar correctly) indirectly to the reader.

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