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The grammar has the function to regulate the use of language in writing and speech. We have to wear them because the grammar is very important. If we do not use it, all we say is chaotic and cannot be understood by others who we are talking to and what we read. The use of grammar will get more attention in school, especially when studying national and international languages, such as English. English grammar lessons for some students and lay people to be a stumbling block that prevents them to learn English, especially for those who are outside the UK.

Some students think English grammar is very boring because it is no different than other exact learning theory. In practice, teachers require that students memorize formulas of English grammar not lose much with physics formulas. Not surprisingly, English grammar is the bottleneck when learning English. If you are a high school student, college student, and a writer who wanted to test the accuracy of the English grammar on articles or posts, then you do not need to be confused to do so. There is a tips that is easy and accurate to test of English grammar, using services from a site located in

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