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flash decompilerAdobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) is one of the computer software which is the flagship product of Adobe Systems. Adobe Flash is used to create vector animation of an image. Files generated by this software has a file extension .swf and can be played in the web browser that has been fitted with the Adobe Flash Player. Flash uses a programming language called Action Script which first appeared in Flash 5.

Completeness of features and tools that are owned, making this animation processing program becomes mandatory option for the animators and other professionals. Many things can be done with the application of this animation makers, including: interface design a web page, make presentations, create games, create interactive multimedia and much more can be done with this one application program. Some of the results file of the program is shaped .fla, .swf, .flv, and so on.

We can do the conversion from flash files .swf files into .fla, we usually do is to look at the content source of the flash (.swf) such as how to work the flash, we can learn through the existing files and can see the parts layers and frames in flash can also see the source code used in it. All this can be done with the help of software called  flash decompiler. This Flash Decompiler software can be downloaded for free by visiting the site

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