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Skills in speaking have 4 aspects: listening skills, speaking, reading and writing. All four aspects must be developed gradually. Writing is an activity of their ideas, thoughts, ideas, and opinions in the form of written symbols that have meaning. Writing skills are suggested thinking skills, and skills of writing convey the feeling of using language as a medium. One of the skills is the ability to write a good essay.

The essay is an essay that describes the author’s opinion on a particular subject is trying to judge. The essay is a kind of criticism that is more subjective. What is stated in the essay is more of a personal opinion writer. Nonetheless, a good essay is not as easy as one might imagine, but for those of you who want to learn to make the essay does not need to fear and pessimism. Because a lot of places and materials that could be the reference, guidance, and even aid in order to work with a good essay and quality. One of the places online that can provide sample essays and works with ease as well as free essays, is on a site located in

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