FPS Controls for WPF


wpf controlTo submit data to the user will need a graphical interface, and exploit the full power of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).  WPF is a set of technologies designed to simplify and enhance the creation of graphical interfaces visually striking. The interface is defined by a code markup called XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language) that allows you to define controls, but also objects, in a completely declarative.  In addition to simplifying the definition of interfaces with a familiar language like HTML, WPF in this way helps to separate the presentation layer from the application logic.

One of the controls in WPF is quite interesting is InkCanvas, InkCanvas is a control that can be used to capture mouse movements and draw the movement on it. So of course if we can use this control as if it had a whiteboard in the application. The way to use it fairly easy, we just add this into applications. These controls can recognize the movement of the mouse, so for example we move the mouse upward while pressing down the left, InkCanvas will recognize the movement as a movement upwards. This is certainly very exciting to support interaction design if we are clever to use it. To know more details about WPF, FPS Components consulting services, and you can download this software for free, please visit the website located at http://fpscomponents.com/Products/WPF/controls.aspx

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