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Whether you are a user of the internet? Surely the answer is yes. But the categories of Internet users in my opinion can be divided generally into three categories, namely as seasonal users, regular users, and internet addict. As seasonal users, the only open internet at a time when a certain time only and not for long. As a regular user, then he uses the internet on a regular basis or only during business hours and no more up to 8 hours a day. For the internet addicts are those who always use the internet every day in less than 12 hours. Of all categories of Internet users are likely always find files or information through search engine sites. Files they are looking it could be a program file, video files, music files, document files, antivirus, games, and so forth.

By using the facilities of the search engines if the keywords we enter the less specific, it is often found where the information displayed will be less accurate fit with what we are looking for. So we still have to open several more sites from the list that appears in search engines. Thus we will throw a long time just to find a file that is right for us. To try an alternative to a fast search for files that are accurate, and with new shades please try using a search on the site located at

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