Expression of a Freedom


The meaning of art is an expression of a freedom. And freedom is something very valuable that is owned by everyone without limits untouched by what is called bondage. Meaning of this freedom is one which is the breath for a form of art. However, the issue of freedom of expression in the arts is polemical and discourse that continues to evolve from time to time, what is the absolute free in art making everything be free and unrestricted, and is used as a justification for the basic logic of those who claim their work as a works of art? Some parties argue that the regressive expression in the arts is a form of murder against itself and the freedom of expression that means someone’s character assassination?

Therefore restrict the freedom of art is not meant to preclude the right of expression in general, but more in an effort to avoid conflict with social values and concepts of morality professed by others, according cultures and perspectives in each country. In addition to the art on behalf of the workers of art, cannot get the preferential treatment that causes them the right to express anything without restrictions. A work of art deserves to be enjoyed by everyone, but remained on the limits of “art” that does not violate the terms of the prevalence of art in itself. A painter / photographer eligible / none making paintings of men / women without clothes, video uploads, stickam captures, and more, but the designation of the nature of his work that have limited and specific. If a private collection and stored in a place that is private is certainly valid existence. Similarly, if it becomes a forum for fans of erotic art, then it should also be limited to a special filter or strict privacy requirements for outreach to access the forum.

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