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Essays are essays in prose that discusses a problem at a glance and are subjective. Therefore, a relatively short essay only a few pages (6-12 pages, maybe less) do not like to write a book. The essays are subjective meaning shall be based on the opinions from the point of view of the writer, not copying the ideas of others. Although it does not mean haram write scientific matters. Instead of writing a proposition or subjective statements that need to be supported by arguments that accurate. Facts and data presented must be accurate. If necessary, the entire reference citation is written. This is what will increase the weight of the essay. Without the support of facts and data are accurate then the essay is just common sense alone.

What distinguishes the essay and not an essay? To answer this question can be done by referring to the opinions or formulations that have been there, but the opinions or formulations that have been there often times is still incomplete, and sometimes contradictory so it still contains shortcomings as well. Suppose the size of the essays, there are free states, is being, and can be read at one sitting; regarding the contents of the essay, there are states in the form of analysis, interpretation and description (literature, culture, philosophy, science), and thus also about the style and methods of essay there which states that states are free and there are regular. To consult more about essay writing and you can also use the online essay service, please open a site located in

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