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E-mail is one of the service correspondences between friends, relatives, and other institutions, which was conducted online on the internet. With email data sent electronically so arrive at the destination very quickly. Also we can send files such as programs, pictures, graphs, and so forth. We are also able to send to more than one person at the same time. Every email service users can have e-mail addresses in two ways, namely using web mail, where the sign from the site email service. And POP mail is e-mail that can be obtained when we enroll in a particular mail server.

The email we will save a file in EML format, be it e-mail from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Converter, Mozilla Thunderbird and others. As the data or information that is important, then this email would be more practical if we can change the shape file into another file, such as a file format PDF, DOC, HTML, and TXT. To change your email or EML files into another file format, we need eml converter software. EML Converter software is made from Colitis software, which is partly a function of Total Mail Converter software. Though small in size, but the EML Converter software is powerful, attractive design, and very easy to use as Mail converter tool. For more information and free download EML Converter software, go to the website located at http://www.coolutils.com/EML-converter

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