Elite Keylogger


In general and simple, the workings of keylogger is recording everything typed via keyboard. Recordings are stored in the form of notes or logs. To get the keyboard keys are pressed requires a function. To use this function requires a timer to monitor the program buttons that are used continuously. The parameters used in this function in the form of ascii value. Keylogger can be bad or good depending on the purpose of the user keylogger. Good purpose, for example, is used to monitor the activity of employees when working in an office, a computer monitor children at home, law enforcement and search for evidence of crime. As for malicious purposes, for example, is the theft of data or passwords. Maybe for those of you who have been victims of the use of keylogger will feel very irritated. Especially when it is coupled with a stolen password of your account in the virtual world.

Keylogger software is a lot of variance based on the manufacturer, as well as the name and the features included on the keylogger. But basically all the keylogger is to serve as an application to monitor a computer work. One of the great software keylogger and worth for you to use is Elite Keylogger. Elite Keylogger is approximately 16 MB with a variety of monitoring features a complete, easy to use, and very powerful. For more information about the performance of Elite Keylogger, and to download it for free, go to the website located at http://download.cnet.com/Elite-Keylogger/3000-2162_4-12508615.html

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