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Watch online video, social media updates, see the news, to chat, browsing, streaming radio, shopping, gaming, software downloads, and so are the things that we often really do with the internet. This was due to an increase in speed and broadband Internet technology, supported by an increasingly sophisticated gadgets, and more varied content available on the internet. Music is part of our lives, almost every day from waking up until going to bed again, we are always listening to music, minimal music or ringtone on the phone. Through the internet, with easy and fast development of information we can find the latest music, and the sooner we can just download the music (downloader music), with a wide selection of genres and diverse types of music. And behavior download music often found with no care or do not understand, that the music we download the pirated music, or without any official permission from the owner of the music. Then how can we download the music to the official, without violating the copyrights of others? The trick is to download the original music on the official sites as the legitimate owner and distributor. For a more complete and clear, we can get information on the site

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