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Hobbies and activities using the internet is not only limited to browsing, social media, chat, and streaming only, but also by downloading the files and data on a site. Generally in a browser is given the facility to download, but the performance is still less than the maximum, both in terms of performance and features of a given download. So we felt obliged to have a download manager that can be used as a means to simplify, accelerate and maximize our process in downloading software, files, and data from the internet.

Many applications download manager that we can install and use in accordance with the operating system on our computers, such as download manager mac , download manager for Windows, download manager for Linux, etc. From a variety of download manager available, one download manager for Mac where this application is very powerful and easy to use is called Folx. Folx is a download manager for the Mac, which is a product from Eltima Software. Folx will be easier for us to download the file from various websites on the internet easily, quickly, and there are facilities resume download, when an interruption in the download process. To download the free Folx, please open a site located in

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