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Business opportunities in today’s increasingly broad line with the development of internet technology. With the internet, so access to information and businesses can quickly, easily, and efficiently for distribution to prospective customers. Access to information can be easily accessed through mobile phones, smart phones, tablet PCs, notebooks, and computers are connected to the Internet. With the opportunities and conditions, then use a website or blog to be mandatory and as the main requirement so that we can deliver information to everyone. Submission of information via the internet is not only confined to a region or country, but broadly to all countries around the world. The main requirement to make a blog is a domain and hosting. Domain registration can be done at vendor sites domain and hosting services. Selection of an appropriate domain name and describe the contents of a website, it will be more likely to be a good site in search engines.

The selection of domains can be adapted to other regions or countries where we are, or in accordance with the target consumer that we will shoot, and also adapted to the institution or organization that is owned. Several domains that are available today include the .COM, .NET, .INFO, .NAME, .TV, .BIZ, .ORG, .US, .ME, .CO, and so forth. For more information and to perform domain registration, please visit the website address at

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