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Number of smart phones continues rising every year accompanied by the development of applications and software for smartphones. Strategy Analytics, a market research agency in the United States, said that the total of the number of smartphones in the world at the end of 2012 to reach more than 1.08 billion. That number could balloon to two billion units, in the next two years. Various types of applications or the operating system on mobile phones that exist today, such as: iOS as Apple’s operating system. Then, there are also Android, BlackBerry, and Windows operating system. Well, the needs of the application for smart phones open up fairly lucrative business opportunities, for software developers, the creators of the application and also for the IT outsourcing.

Disonta is one IT outsourcing in Kiev, Ukraine, who has experience in developing various computer technology, smartphone apps, technology website, and cloud computing and so on. Disonta a very firm cocks to be a business partner in the field of technology and software, whether it is computer software technology-based, smartphone, or website and cloud technologies. For more complete information about the Disonta company, please go to its website located at http://disonta.com/

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