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MySQL is actually a derivative of one of the main concepts in the database for a long time, the SQL (Structured Query Language). SQL is a database operation concept, especially for election or selection and data entry, which allows easy operation of the data done automatically. Reliability of a database system (DBMS) can be determined from the workings of his optimizer in the process of SQL commands, which are created by the user or application programs. As a database server, MySQL can be said to be more superior to the other database server in the query data. It proved to queries by a single user, MySQL query speed can be ten times faster than PostgreSQL and five times faster than Interbase.

The increasing popularity of MySQL, many tools is developed to facilitate the management process in order to more easily utilized MySQL databases. dbForge Studio is software that is made to interface MySQL database. dbForge Studio is software that is used for the management of MySQL and is a product of the DevArt. With dbForge Studio, management and maintenance of MySQL MySQL will be more easy to do, faster and more powerful, so the process of our work with the MySQL database and will be maximal. Some interesting features provided by dbForge Studio is; enhanced backup and recovery of MySQL databases, full user control sessions, and quickest user accounts manipulation, table maintenance, MySQL server settings control, etc. You can read more and download the best MySQL administration program, by visiting a site located in http://www.devart.com/dbforge/mysql/studio/database-administration.html

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