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Students are always faced with the task of writing obtained from the lecturers on campus. One of the tasks of writing quite a headache most of the students because it necessitates thorough preparation, is making research. Difficulty of conducting research not only on research practice itself, but starting from identifying research issues and make a good research proposal. Research issues are considered to be large and heavy loads, making them unable to proceed to the next stage of the research proposal, research paper, and custom research paper. In fact, without the research problem, the research would not exist. The research proposal is the first step of a long phase of research that will be performed by students in conducting research. All students will complete their education would have to deal with the stages of the research proposal.

The research proposal is a brief description of the research plan to be carried out. Therefore there is nothing called the proposal correctly or the proposal is wrong, that there is only a good proposal or proposals are less good. It is assessed on completeness and clarity of description given by object applicants to the problem to be examined. In addition to the exposure, a research proposal is also able to answer the question: what, who, why and how the research will be conducted by researchers in the proposal should explain what will be studied, who was involved, why it is studied (and why should the people involved), and how the research will be conducted. In answering the “how”, the researchers explained in the research methodology. The research proposal also want to point out that the research issues raised in the proposal interesting to study and provide benefits to the academic and social life of the community. A researcher should have the shows that the studies were not done then there will be shortages and imbalances in the context of social policy and a better life. For consultation on the subject of the research and tips or how to formulate good research, please go to a site located in

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