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Creation of customer loyalty because the customer was satisfied with the service provided as well. Business people provide the best service to its customers, so customers are loyal and love with the product being offered or that have been used by customers over the years. The customer was satisfied if his needs are always well served, with customer satisfaction will give effect to the product being offered or are being used. To create customer satisfaction, then companies should create and cultivate a system to acquire more customers and also has the ability to retain loyal customers. So to think about effective ways to be able to win the competition / competition is underway with programs that are retaining customers. The use of Customer Relationship Management / CRM Software is one that must be used by media companies today.

CRM is the business of a company to concentrate on keeping the customers by collecting all forms of customer interaction whether via phone, e-mail, feedback on the site or the results of discussions with staff of sales and marketing. CRM is a comprehensive business strategy in a company that enables companies to effectively manage relationships with customers. As a web-based application that can help a company to manage its relationships with its customers, the CRM software is also experiencing growth and the variation by the application developers. One of the trusted application developers CRM is Intsys UK.Ltd, with one of the best selling products Pegasus Opera 3. For more information about CRM software developed by Intsys UK Ltd, please open the site located at

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