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Essay writing is a task often done by students and faculty on campus. If you need a reference about essays and papers are good, you can consult online with Professional Academic Assistance Service team, which is located at Paper is a scientific paper that is often closely related to education or research. For those who are still struggling with the world lecturing, often we have a duty to make paper from our professors. Or maybe for the final exam will progress, thesis or dissertation, we need to make the paper as the resume (or even for those who will make the final project proposal, can be used to our ideas). Including for researchers or lecturers who want to make the publication is also required to make paper. Then how tips and how to make a good paper? Make a good paper is difficult, but we can try. There are several things to consider in making a good paper, among others:

– A clear description of the problem (also called the destination), show why this issue is important, interesting, and challenging (motivation)

– Clear and concise review of the previous research on which to base our study (scope). Show gaps / problems in previous studies and a question that we want to accomplish in our study (gap indication)

– Write clearly that the proposed solution (proposed approach) and how he can overcome that gap we mentioned before (solution)

– Write down the resulting global discovery (result)

– Write down the structure of writing the next parts (outline)

– And so on.

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