Continental Hotel in Odessa


Choosing the right hotel is a thing that often makes us dizzy when you want to travel far. Many people only need a few minutes to observe a hotel room; the benchmark is often only the most affordable price. Although price is a general consideration, remember that all hotels want a full room and the manager will struggle to fill the rooms every night. So, do not get stuck. For best results, book in advance through a travel agent and try to be flexible with schedules. Hotels that cater to business people usually have cheaper rates at which they consider weekends as off season. But it’s not worry, if you and your family want to travel to Ukraine for the right hotel is a haven at the Continental Hotel in Odessa.

Odessa Hotel is located on the Black Sea coast and attracts many people from around the world as cultural and industrial center on the south region of Ukraine. As a 4-star hotel, Odessa hotel provides various types of rooms and rooms suitable for you. In addition to booking rooms which can easily be done by ordering via telephone and also via online? Several room options presented are: VIP, Luxury suite, Junior suite, Standard, and Economy Class. Rooms in which all options are still comfortable and fun to be occupied. In addition to providing room to stay, hotel Odessa also provides room for meetings, wedding, and so forth. For more information, please contact via telephone at number +38 (0482) 34-28-08 (07), +38 (048) 786-0-399, +38 (048) 786-0-155, or it could also open the site located at 

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