Compare Essay Writing Guide


Task essay has a variety of types. One type of essay that requires good technique and a comparison is not easy to do is compare essay. Writing compare and contrast essay needs two types of topics that will be analyzed with a perfect essay that you are doing is great compare essay.
At the opening, you can start with general introduction sentences and write down a maximum of three paragraphs. For example, your compare essay will discuss the novel, on the second part of this essay, describe the topic in detail the first novel with your style.
Focus the discussion of the first novel, compare the similarities and differences in the first novel by another novel. In the compare essay third section, describe in detail about the second novel. Do not repeat the first discussing the novel, because the focus of compare essay in this section is to discuss the other novel. Summarize the topic implied by the clear and concise.
In the next section, take the essence of each topic and then write down your analysis on the topic of the first and second. Tell the reader honestly about the advantages and disadvantages proportionally based on the analysis of topics that are supported with complete data.
In the last section, write a conclusion about your compare essay.
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