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Electronic document management system is a system of document management applications hardcopy (paper, microfilm, etc.) that have been transferred into the media into a digital or softcopy format, a file doc, ppt, xls., 3gp, DWG., Avi, mkv, etc which then uploaded to the server or stored in an electronic storage media, and cloud-media. Documents that have been uploaded can then be accessed, searched, displayed, and distributed by the users of documents through electronic document management system. By using the integrated search method on the document type, the user can easily view documents that are physically addressed although such documents or records that are in other places.

One of the devices used to convert physical documents into non-physical or electronic data, is a scanner, and assisted with the application or document recognition software. So many document recognition software in the market and issued by the creators of the software, but are able to work optimally, the process is fast, and scan documents that satisfy only a few. One document recognition software worth having for the document management needs of your company is a Cognitive Forms. Various types of Cognitive Forms software to choose from, such as Passport Cognitive, Cognitive PDF, and so on are created with environmentally friendly technology. For more information, and to download Cognitive Forms software, please go to the website located at

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