Cloud Computing


Cloud computing provides much convenience in conducting business activities, share information, software, and even play games. The examples of the use of Cloud computing technology, you can be found in various types such as Facebook applications and Google drive data storage features.
Cloud Computing gives the flexibility of unlimited access. You can choose the most convenient place while finishing your projects. You can finish the projects wherever you are, because cloud computing provide remote access point. All data that you store in the cloud servers can be accessed with your teamwork without having to use a computer in your office.
Cloud computing systems increasingly in demand because it can help reduce corporate budget for the hardware and software purchase. You need to allocate budget only for the best cloud service provider in your country. You do not have to worry about the possibility of a surge damage to hardware or overload access to the corporate data center that can interfere your business activity.
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The main characteristics of cloud computing are :
1. Resource pooling.
2. Rapid elasticity.
3. Measured service.
4. On demand self service.
5. Broad network access.

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