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Information technology has been seen as a burden, especially for the financial management of the company. Each new application of computing technology would require substantial funding and maintenance costs are not small. But did you know that there is technology that actually eases the burden of the company’s operations? Some costs can be cut, such as electricity, place, and labor. Of course, there will be savings in all sectors of the company. In addition, control and security systems, speed performance, and service to the consumer or the public also will be more effective and much more positive aspects of cloud computing systems. From some reason, the use of cloud computing technology increasingly needs to be applied. Desktop virtualization as a product of digital communication technology is an extension of man, especially the company to employees to work with the slogan “anywhere, anytime, any device”. That is anywhere, anytime, and with any device, be it a Smartphone or the iPhone can be a tool to work with virtual desktops open and then work normally, as usual.

For the safety and service of the use of virtual desktop technology, we can use the services provided by Cirrus Stratus. Why? Because Stratus Cirrus is very competent in the world of virtual desktops, security systems, cloud computing, software technologies, and so on. In addition, the services provided are responsive, proactive, and cooperative, so it makes comfort and reassuring for us as consumers. For more information, please visit the website located at

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