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Some students felt that making an essay so easy, especially when they are in the mood, and have gained enough knowledge to make the essay. On the other hand, some students felt that writing the essay was very challenging because of difficulties to begin with. Frequently encountered, that some students who find it difficult to start writing essays, because they do not know the topic of the essay should be their choice. So, they will ask: How do I choose a topic for an essay? Or how should I start a topic to make the best essay? And so on. Essay writing will be easier, if the lecturer has provided certain topics assigned to students, so that students just choose an essay topic for the prepared and completed. That way, the next focus is to collect information and data to the essay, and make your writing to be in order, according to the rules of writing a formal essay, and be interesting to read soon after completion.

If you’re still not sure on what you write, try to write as much as anything about anything you want. You have the idea to write about something that is unlimited, you can choose from all these ideas and make the materials for writing an essay. If it’s been tried and you still feel unsure of the quality of your essays, or even a loss to start writing the essay, then immediately consult your essay writing problems to the experts. Where should you consult? The answer is to open a site located at

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