Chocolate chip cookies


Snacks are one type of food that is always there in every family, be it a snack made from wheat, rice, chocolate, nuts, meat, and so on. Whether it’s home made snacks, as well as instant snacks we buy from food stores. One type of snacks are a favorite with a wide range of shapes and flavors are the chocolate-based. In its development, the more varied snacks of chocolate type of cuisine that can be made, from the taste, shape and name.

For those of us who like to cook, of course, always want to be creative with the type of snack that is a trend, and is also favored by family members. One example of a snack became a trend is the Chocolate chip cookies. If you do not have the recipe, then you can get Chocolate chip cookie recipe from scratch, by visiting the website address at Not just a recipe for Chocolate-chip cookies, but the site was much more present on the recipes of others.

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