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We often got into trouble with the spyware files, sometimes even hard to get rid of. Even if we continue to try to throw it but it continues to fail then you should try the following ways:
1. Make sure the system you can see system files are hidden.
2. Close all applications.
3. Restart the computer and enter into Safe Mode. Spyware programs generally fail to function if the windows in safe mode.
4. Check the running process by pressing [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del] on your keyboard and turn off the program in question. If you cannot use the Windows Task Manager.
5. Once the spyware program successfully turned off, now use Command Prompt weeks to get rid of the spyware file, click on the Start ? Run, and then type cmd.exe and click ok button.
6. If the above nothing works throw spyware on your PC, then we must use antispyware and antivirus software. That is by using a reliable antivirus like CGI Doctor. CGI Doctor is able to get rid of spyware in your PC and also overcome the malignant PC from virus attacks called FBI Moneypak Virus. What are the features and how to work from CGI Doctor to counter of FBI Moneypak came back, and how to download this antivirus, please visit the website located at

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