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calculatorWho is not familiar with the calculator? In this era of increasingly sophisticated forms of the term calculator and the calculator is not foreign to us, both children and the elderly people who have all been seen and even used and has a calculator. So many types and variations of the calculator form, the various brands were created for the product calculator. Various electronic devices, such as cellular phones, iPhone, and computer  is integrated with technology calculator. In the development of this calculator technology is not only found in physical form on an electronic device, but can also be found online on the internet and appropriately referred to as a calculator online.

In 1820, Charles Xavier Thomas de Colmar find a machine that can perform the four basic arithmetic functions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. With the invention of a tool called a arithometer this, then the mechanical calculators of that era began popular. With his ability and also more practical than previous calculators, arithometer widely used until World War I. In 1892 William Burroughs, a former teller, introduces a printing calculator quite successful despite the hand-powered. And calculator software is continuously progressing to this day with various mathematical functions are integrated in modern calcultor. To try to use an online calculator, please visit

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