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Prepare a light meal or snack at your desk. So while working late, snacking while you can, because the cold night air, especially in air-conditioned usually make your stomach often hungry. But preferably, before the start of overtime, your first dinner in anticipation of the hungry while working overtime. Do not take advantage of overtime hours for personal matters too much. For example, on the phone with a friend or a girlfriend in a long time, chatting on the internet, or take it easy in the office. Because it just makes you ineffective overtime. What’s more, prepare yourself in order not sleepy, for sleepiness will be your main obstacle in overtime at night.

You can consume certain beverages to prevent drowsiness, or you can smoke to dissipate sleepiness, but often ineffective. To get a smooth overtime, stay awake and stay healthy, then you is advised to take anti-drowsiness, which drugs should be prescribed by a doctor or health experts. Provigil is recommended anti sleepiness, where you can buy provigil online by first consulted for the correct dosage. On this site you will get proper consultation from the doctors, and you immediately get the correct dosage Provigil anyway. Where? Please visit the website located at

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