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Playing games is a hobby and activities that can make us happy to be entertaining, practice concentration, and also train speed in determining step. Nevertheless, it sometimes makes gaming an addiction, if the level is passed cannot be overcome, and continues curious about the level or the next series. Various types of games that we can play on a variety of machines as well, whether it’s game on mobile phones, the computers, the internet, on the PlayStation, XBOX, PSP, Nintendo, and so forth. The more advanced technology will create more advanced game engine does the quality and type of game that was created. The better the quality the game will be marked with the better the quality of graphics, sound, appearance, and effect on the game. Games that were created at this time also continue to be based on technology on the existing game engine. The most popular game machine at the moment and who continue to experience growth is the XBOX and PlayStation (PS), which has been created for the PS version of the PS3, XBOX and XBOX 360 version has been created. One thing that became a vital tool to run the game on machines, the controller or stick.

With a good controller and the original is very convenient and comfortable when used for playing games, but if the controller is damaged or worn, of course we are very annoying when playing games. So many models and brands of controllers that are in the market, but still a bit of good quality and design have been modified in accordance with the latest games. In general for this type of controller is nice and convenient to use in game play is a product of Sony and Microsoft. Of the second controller, will be better again after modified in accordance with the design and the latest type of game. We can see a variety of sophisticated design and modification of the controller for the game, both for use in computers, XBOX and the PS3, with the opening MegaModz Planet site is located at Not only that, we are also able to buy modded controllers for xbox 360, via online at that site. For more information, please go to the site right now.

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