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The business world in this advanced era continues to evolve with advances in science, technology, economic level, lifestyle and consumer needs. Progress is not only true in developed countries, but also occur in developing countries, where progress occurs in a variety of business sectors, both sectors of infrastructure, raw materials, hardware, software, and so on including in the field of Internet technology and telecommunication. The field of marketing as the spearhead of a business, growing rapidly, both the method used until the vehicle is applied. The target market or consumers who become the target of a product or service offered is increasingly widespread, with the number of competitors that more and more, the information required is also charged faster, so that the media needed to overcome the right marketing, ie marketing via the internet.

Hosting and domains are the two main things that become laden formation of a website as a means of marketing media via the internet. Although there are many social networking and advertising can be an alternative to mass marketing via the internet, but the ownership of a particular website in a concerted effort is needed, as the mainstream media online and the prestige of a company. Budget web hosting and domain as well as maintenance for the website could be determined in accordance with the requirements, so there is no waste or carelessly. Selection of the right hosting is very important that we build websites that can be fit with a modern web technologies, supporting Linux and Windows hosting, dynamic web, CMS and supports many HTML programs, quickly accessible, safe from hacker attacks, there is a database backup facility, and there are variations in types of hosting, there are also technical support. Thus the selection of hosting not only the low price factor, but what is needed is the right hosting a quality, modern, and safe according to the needs of our website. For that perfect place to meet the needs of hosting is the budget web hosting, that we can visit the site with the address http://www.budgetwebhosting.org/


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