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Usage and internet access at the moment is increasing from time to time. Increased internet access is not only in terms of its quantity, but also in terms of the quality of the electronic device used. Various laptops, tablet PCs, smartphones, and other gadgets that have been supported for many internet access. Internet access became more widespread not only among adults but also by children. Given that there are so many sites on the internet with a variety of content on offer, it will be very easy and risky if adult content to be accessed by children and adolescents. To prevent the adverse effects of content on the internet is not worth accessed by teenagers and children, then the government and relevant agencies to make policy on the internet healthy, safe surf, and action to block a website.

Policy healthy internet is equipped with a software tool, the Internet Monitoring software, and is also supported by a variety of training and education to schools about the importance of internet safety. In order to prevent misuse of the Internet that could potentially cause adverse effects on people’s lives, then the government and related agencies aggressively healthy internet download socialized among students. Delivered in the socialization of key importance in obtaining benefits and prevent the adverse effects the internet, especially relating to the morality of the younger generation. For those of you who are trying to implement a secure internet, and the internet independently healthy and sophisticated, you can consult online with e-Learning Portal team. For more information, please go to a site located in

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