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android-smartphoneAndroid is the operating system to Linux-based mobile applications. Android Operating System is issued by Google to compete with Windows, Apple and its competitors. Looking at the chart the development of the mobile market so quickly, then Google see a great business opportunity and Google are very eager to participate in the competition this mobile phone technology. Android itself is an open source application that allows users to create their own and develop Android applications or software, and then distributed through the Android market. With the development and existence of the better Android, the mobile phone manufacturers are making a lot of new models of its products with a synchronized Android phones, and all hope will be the master of the Android marketplace, and earn the title as the best android mobile phones.

Android popularity continues to grow, not only of the number of devices that adopt this platform, but also the telecom operators are starting to focus more on open-source platform developed by Google. Android development is also influenced by a number of smartphones that have been circulating in various countries, and the desire of the Smartphone manufacturers to cut production costs so as to produce a quality Smartphone, so have the prices are more affordable than using the other OS. Distribution of the Android mobile phones that enables mobile phones and smartphones are inexpensive and has a full feature in accordance with the characteristics of the Android mobile phone consumers. Nowadays we can easily and quickly to see the diversity of the Android phone and various accessories, by accessing the trusted site such as the Global Market. Not only that, we can also directly purchase online for the best Android phone and its accessories on the internet. For more information, please visit the site located at–23.html

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