ASP Net Programming


What is ASP? ASP stands for Active Server Page, web programming output application is Microsoft. In a WEB page, there are two kinds of programs are running, the browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Chrome, etc) that translates HTML codes so that the display become unsightly. To simply display the page HTML, just enough. But to deal with an active, dynamic page, there is an interaction between the user and the machine, then needed another supporter. For this task there are several options, as well as ASP, PHP, Perl, and Java.

A practical and inexpensive way to do to master the programming, be it a program or other ASP.Net is online tutor tutor videos, articles, and articles on programming blog. We can learn interactively with the owner of the blog. One of the blogs that we can make the reference in learning ASP.Net programming, as well as information about the various programming tips are at

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