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Help process incoming mail that needs to be positioned to the deputy leadership and her staff. Each user is given access rights is amenable disposition letters and notes that given the leadership. Technically would like e-mail, every letter addressed to the user will appear on the page the user mailbox that contains the data information from the following original letter image scanner. If the user is given access rights to dispose of letters, the letters that appear in the mailbox can be positioned to the other users. This feature is very helpful correspondence management process becomes faster and allow if leaders and their representatives are not in place, the process can take place through correspondence can access the system online. That’s a few examples of the function document settings can be done with the help of software or archiving applications.

Talking about files and documents, the compress documents software is an important part. This software makes it very useful when we send data, store data, brings together data and so forth. Because of its importance, a lot of software that was created for this. Of the software there are various advantages and also disadvantages. Some of the problems often faced by the user’s software compresses files compress files on corrupted, there is no significant change in size after compress, compress files takes a long time or even at all file could not compress. But, do not be too pessimistic view such events. As has been said before, this is very useful software for computer users. To get the software compresses nice and powerful document of CognitiveForms, please download at a site located in

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