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Turkey is known as the paradise of good food that is rich in flavor structure. Snacks and taste Turkish food is it really fits with the tongue most of the world’s foodies. Although heavily influenced by Middle Eastern countries, Turkey does not belong to spicy food. But it must be admitted that the Turkish food processing is not easy, even some types of food processing such as requiring a fairly complicated process. In general, the most typical Turkish food uses a lot of raw meat, but it also matched with the presentation of vegetables in plentiful amounts, so for the vegetarians do not have to worry about when she was in Turkey to continue to eat foods that are tasty and healthy. As a country with a majority Muslim population, food made from meat in Turkey mostly use mutton, lamb, beef and chicken. Do not forget the variety of food from the sea. The majority of processed foods made with roasted meats and fried. No wonder if Turkey is a country famous for its food as Kebap which is the national food of this country, as well as köfte, which has been chosen by the workers during lunch break.

If you are in Turkey and want to enjoy a typical Turkish food, then you easily to visit the restaurant or bar that were there. But, if you are out of Turkey, then you can enjoy special food and Turkish restaurants in various countries. One of them is in Arabesque Dining and Bar, located in Melbourne – Australia. In a good restaurant menu is available a variety of Turkish specialties are served in the nuances of the Middle East. We could have booked a place and the food served via telephone at 0395231108, or via the Internet, and there are special discounts when we become fans on Facebook. For more information about the menu and the facility is in Arabesque Dining and Bar, please open the site located at

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