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The more clever and sophisticated security of a site, the more sophisticated too bad the person who aims to take or steal information from the accessed, eg username and password. The goal could be for fun, but in the end is to take action that is unpleasant and evil. Therefore, we must be vigilant and careful as internet users in accessing various sites each day is done, be it on Facebook, email, Twitter, online bank sites, online shops, online forums, and so on. The impact of what happens when we get caught up in a fake social networking site, where we have volunteered to enter a login and password, the information is automatically entered into the data villains (perpetrators phishing) and will be used for his own benefit as spreading spam alias junk into account ad-other accounts are interrelated, and others. The most appropriate means of prevention from phishing attacks, we must always be vigilant and careful when accessing a site on the internet, or when there is an offer links that come to us.

Given the caution that people have sometimes beyond our consciousness, that we sometimes forget and then click on any link that comes, then we have to install anti-phishing software on our computers. With anti-phishing software, all sorts of sites that we access will be monitored and screened in detail, and then going out alerts when the site is a fake or an element of a suspicious and dangerous for us. One of the anti phishing software that we use is good for BlumAlerts. BlumAlerts anti-phishing software is integrated with the browser on your computer, such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome. For more information about BlumAlerts, and download this antiphishing software for Mac OS X, please go to the website located at

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